J&tD Still Set to Update Monday

Featured Image: “SteamGirls Redux” by StMan

I’ve been quite busy this week, so I haven’t spent the time on the blog that I’d like. I’ve spent the day today rewriting chapter 19 of Jake and the Dynamo, which is still set to post at the usual time of midnight tomorrow night.

In the near future, I think I’ll be adding a news roundup for Fridays to go along with the web novel and irregular reviews.

J&tD Delayed

And just for a quick update, I am currently working a night shift, and next week I’ll be moving and preparing to start school. Chapter 19 of Jake and the Dynamo is drafted, but my writers’ group informs me that it’s not ready to go. As you could likely guess from the end of chapter 18, it’s mostly an action sequence (like about every other chapter, by design).

The action sequences take me longer to get ship-shape than the other parts, so I’ll probably let it percolate for at least a week while I work on chapter 20. As mentioned before, I’d like to work on getting my buffer back, so even though I managed to race out chapter 18 last week, I’m going to put this officially on hiatus. For real this time.

Updates and Stuff

Featured image: “Magical Girl Rainbow Dash” by My-Magic-Dream.

I’m an archaeologist by day and a magical girl geek by night; I’m behind on reviews, but it’s field season for me now, so I’m working long hours, and I want to spend the evening on chapter 15 of Jake and the Dynamo, as I want to keep the novel updating on a weekly basis for as long as I can.

So … no new material tonight.