Welcome to the world of the future, a world where crazy girls with random superpowers are mankind’s last hope! Welcome to Jake and the Dynamo!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The First Test
Chapter 2: Enter the Dynamo
Chapter 3: The Second Test
Chapter 4: No Love Lost
Chapter 5: Spaceships and Dinosaurs
Chapter 6: Girl with Guns
Chapter 7: The Weapon
Chapter 8: Magical Girl vs. Velociraptor
Chapter 9: Pizza for Breakfast
Chapter 10: The Magical Girl’s Burden
Chapter 11: Marionettes
Chapter 12: Dance of the Zombies
Chapter 13: The Paladin
Chapter 14: The Third Test
Chapter 15: A New Prima Donna
Chapter 16: Requiem
Chapter 17: Flash in the Pan
Chapter 18: Sinking Deeper
Chapter 19: Demons and Delinquents
Chapter 20: Played
Chapter 21: Players
Chapter 22: Fated
Chapter 23: The Beach Episode of Darkness
Chapter 24: Bitter Tears
Chapter 25: Wake Up Call

Side Stories
Pizza Margherita! Part 1
Pizza Margherita! Part 2
Pizza Margherita! Part 3
Jake and Dana’s St. Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Character Biographies
Fan Art
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