J&tD Update

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I just wrote the last word of the rough draft of chapter 23 of Jake and the Dynamo. It really didn’t want to “go” for a while until I figured out which scenes were missing. It also ended up being forty-four pages long, which makes this beach episode the longest chapter of the novel so far.

I’ll see how soon I can get it out. Probably this week.

A Smattering of Updates

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1. I have an essay in the works, but I spent today on Jake and the Dynamo instead, and the next chapter is about half drafted. Chapters seem to be getting longer as they go. This always happens to me.

2. On an amusing note related to J&tD, I didn’t realize that Dana Volt’s mother, Millie Volt, had a pun in her name until a reader pointed it out. I take this as evidence that muses exist.

3. I’m making a career change and beginning training this week. My free time right now is already minimal, and this will cut into it further. We’ll see how this goes.

4. There is no update since yesterday on the Sailor Moon R: The Movie front, but I intend to check daily to make sure I get my tickets. Supposedly, there’s a prize of some sort for ticket-holders (I have no idea what it is or how one gets it), so maybe there’s a chance I’ll get my hands on my first piece of Sailor Moon merchandise … and probably my last, because I like magical girls and all, but have no intention of filling my apartment with them. If I did that, I’d have nowhere to put the ponies.

5. I’ll finish reviewing Magical Girl Raising Project next week. I’m necessarily a week behind as I can’t afford any streaming subscriptions right now. I think I made a mistake by choosing that one to do an episode at a time, but when I finish with it, I can finally start in on some of the other, probably more deserving titles from this season. I’ll likely review Flip Flappers.

6. I’m going to be speeding up the series on Revolutionary Girl Utena. Since we’ve covered the preliminaries, we can take it in larger chunks. But that’s part of why it’s taking me a while to get the series out, because I have to watch the dang thing.

Jake and the Dynamo Updates Tonight!

Featured image by Tukushi Akihito.

First, I gotta say I’m loving all the art I can find by this Akihito guy, what with his jumbled, intricate wilderness backgrounds and his little chibi characters you just wanna hug.

Second, I just finished editing and uploading the twenty-second chapter of Jake and the Dynamo. New revelations abound, and a major new character appears. It will appear tonight at midnight.

Third, after I step away from the computer for a moment and take a break, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and produce a new review.

Chapter 22 Drafted

Featured Image by Tsukushi Akihito

I’ve been neglecting the blog, but that’s in large part because I’ve been toiling away at Jake and the Dynamo. I just finished the rough draft of chapter 22.

Chapter 23 is partly written.

Also, I spent most of my writing time this week putting together the novel’s final chapter, which is of novelette length.  It will be a long time before we actually get to that point, but I wanted to write it because it was very clear in my head. At the moment, it’s my favorite part of the book.

Also, the rough is now well over 100,000 words, which makes this a good-sized novel already (even though it has, chronologically, covered one week!). I’m not sure of the length of what’s been published on the blog, because after I write the rough of each chapter, I move it into its own document where I edit extensively and usually expand.

Also, this is unrelated, but notice we have some suh-weeeet Fairy Musketeers fan art for this post.  Sooner or later, I’ll probably geek out about Fairy Musketeers, as it’s one of my all-time favorite magical girl shows, starring the voice of Lyrical Nanoha as a sword-wielding Red Riding Hood.

Art and Brief Update

Featured art: “Momo” by Coco-Sweet

I spent last weekend drafting fifty pages of Jake and the Dynamo, but, unfortunately, the pages I drafted are for the final chapter rather than for the next one.

I was having some trouble with the next chapter because I was trying to decide if it should be the one that advances the plot, or the beach episode. But I think I’ve figured it out now.


Featured image: “Magical Girl She-Ra” by weremole.

I’m way behind where I want to be on reviews, but I’m struggling to adjust to a new schedule. The little spare time I have, I want to devote mostly to Jake and the Dynamo.

The site’s also due for an overhaul. I might go rearranging things this weekend. Nothing too drastic, but some improvements in organization. I’m still mulling over changing the theme, but the ones I would want cost money I don’t have right now, and the present one is fairly versatile, if unadorned.

Editing … Editing …

Artwork from the official Sugar Sugar Rune website, by Moyoco Anno.

I wanted to get up another review today, but I have to spend what time is left editing both my own work and another guy’s. I have chapter 21 of Jake and the Dynamo drafted, but it’s not yet ready to go.

I’m starting my new job tomorrow, which is good, but there’s no telling at the moment what that will mean for the schedule around here. Come January, my schedule will definitely get a lot tighter.

There’s a few shows I’d like to discuss this season, but I don’t think I’ll be doing episode-by-episode reviews, as I’m already doing that for two.

I also managed to track down a few volumes of Sugar Sugar Rune, sometimes cited as one of the all-time best cute witch magical girl stories. There was also an anime adaptation that I hear is good, though different in several respects with additional side stories and more magical girl cliches like transformations sequences. The anime broadcast in the U.S., but as far as I have been able to discern, it was never collected on DVD and is not on any legal streaming sites.

The manga is out of print; what I’ve read of it so far lives up to the hype, and it must continue to be good, since people selling it have figured out that they can charge reasonable prices for most of the series and then charge sixty dollars or more for the final volume. The penultimate volume must have one heck of a cliffhanger if they can get anyone to pay that.

“That’s outrageous! … Ah, but I’ll never sleep again if I don’t find out what happens to the broody ten-year-old goth girl with the magic powers!  Fine, here’s eighty bucks, you bastard, and to hell with you!”

Also, the series is being loaded, legally, to the interwebs in full color! But only in Japanese. This series came out in English from Del Rey Manga, and though I never bothered to learn what the story was behind them changing their name to Kodansha Comics, I did notice that they reprinted some of their catalog afterwards. Maybe there’s a chance they’ll reprint this one. I would say, from what I’ve seen, it deserves it.

But anyway, all of this is why the Moon Princess made interlibrary loan. We’ll see if I can manage to get them to loan me the whole series. The bad part of reading it this way is that, even if I can get the whole series, I likely won’t get it in order. I probably should have ordered one volume at a time, but instead I requested the first four … and I got volumes one and three. Volume three, of course, is the one that’s due back first.

Damn you, public library.


I’d tell you who did the featured image, but I can’t find the original source. But I can tell you that it’s Sugar Sugar Rune fan art.

Sorry for the slow week here. Things are moving along on Jake and the Dynamo. I have a draft of chapter 22, but chapter 21 is still incomplete. Funny, huh?

Pretty soon, I’m going to rearrange the blog. The menu at the top is getting so long, so I’ll be creating a separate page for the Jake and the Dynamo table of contents.

I’ve got various non-blog things going on as well. I should have a new review up tomorrow after I get my act together.