JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Chapter 4 Tonight at Midnight!

Fourteen-year-old Jake Blatowski finds trouble just by getting up in the morning.

He knows the true identity of Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo.

And he’s about to find out that Pretty Dynamo doesn’t like it.






His troubles are just beginning.

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Meet Your Magical Girls! JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 7: Pretty Dynamo

CODENAME: Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo
ALTER EGO: Unknown
FAMILIAR: Tesla the lightning bug
MAGITECH: Electrical

“Electrifying the world with love and friendship—and making evildoers feel the wattage of justice!”

At present, there is no magical girl in Urbanopolis more effective against large kaiju than Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo. With a striking face and the powers of electricity at her command, she certainly lives up to her name. Dynamo received her magic when her familiar Tesla called on three gods of thunder … but the gods exacted a terrible price. Continue reading “Meet Your Magical Girls! JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 7: Pretty Dynamo”

Tuxedo Mask Doesn’t Know How to Wear a Tuxedo

Tuxedo Mask, the sometimes useless boyfriend of Sailor Moon, does not, strictly speaking, wear a tuxedo. As I learned recently while researching for a character’s costume in a story, Tuxedo Mask wears white tie, the most formal of formalwear in the West.

The rules of white tie, I have learned, are strict, so it is unsurprising that the most famous formally dressed man in the world of magical girls frequently breaks them. Oh, Tuxedo Mask, how many rules of men’s full dress have you violated in how many different versions? Continue reading “Tuxedo Mask Doesn’t Know How to Wear a Tuxedo”

History of Magical Girl Anime, Part 3

I continue to be impressed by SourcererZZ’s video series covering the history of magical girl anime. His presentation is professional and knowledgeable if perhaps dry.

Here he covers the bulk of the Studio Pierrot era, when the genre was still mostly tame, but could sometimes get a little sleazy.

Unfortunately, at this point in the video series, a version with accurate subtitles is apparently unavailable, and SourcererZZ’s English continues to be, at times, difficult to understand. On the plus side, if you turn on the closed captioning, it is, as always with YouTube videos, hilarious.

Why does YouTube even have automatic closed captioning when it always turns out like this?