Where I At?

I apologize for slapping up the weirdest fan-fiction you’ve ever seen and then not posting for about a month. I am now in my final term of a graduate program and also working two jobs, which I assume is sufficient to explain why I’m not posting. The fan-fiction I’ll explain later, when I can find the time.

Otherwise, things are much as you’d expect. The novel version of Jake and the Dynamo is out of my hands, probably for good. I haven’t been told a publication date yet, but you will know as soon as I do, so stay tuned. I have also been working on the sequel.

I’m also starting to work on a bit of cleanup and organization on the blog. I’ve removed a couple of widgets from the sidebar that I simply wasn’t good at keeping updated, and I’m planning to add “review” and “essay” tabs at the top, which will take you to archives of each of those (something a reader has asked me for repeatedly).