The Magic of Friendship Compels You!

Featured image: “An Ordeal from God” by UniqueSKD.

A reader asked if he could use my face as the basis for a character in the cover art of some fan fiction. I told him I don’t think it’s actually necessary to ask permission for that kind of thing or political cartoonists would always be getting sued.

The story for which this image was created does not appear to have been posted yet.

Anyway, that is apparently an image of me as a Catholic priest holding up a DVD set of the original 1980s My Little Pony. Sounds legit.

I notice I’m holding up the complete season 1 released from Rhino in 2004, which is no longer available, but has been supplanted by the 2014 complete series box set from Shout! Factory, which also includes season 2 and is still in print.

  • UncleverHans

    The story isn’t released yet, because I’m not a very efficient writer. In the meantime, here’s a long description to pique your interest:

    “Martis is a man on a suicidal mission: to save a friend’s sister from the evil Princess Skyla. He’ll have to battle Skyla’s servants to succeed, which goes beyond fighting the less than useless royal pony guards. Join him as he’s threatened by the big and burly Steel Resolve, slapped into next week by Griselda and Night Terror, ambushed by the officers of Guard Colonel Spiracle, nearly shot to pieces by the butler Anonymous, annoyed by the tiny nuisance Commodore Crimson Skies, scared half to death by the resurrected Sombra, and not quite burned alive by Solingen the Dragon.”

    The picture of you with the DVD spoils the ending, but I thought that it would make for a cool cover.