Bad Signs for the ‘My Little Pony’ Movie

The above image is screencapped from Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of this writing, My Little Pony: The Movie has no critical reviews, which means they’re withholding it from critics.

It’s also opening the same weekend as Blade Runner. They don’t have exactly the same target audience, but still.

I smell a bomb.

  • UncleverHans

    You forgot to mention that Meghan McCarthy was one of the writers. Combined with what you’ve observed, this movie has “trash” written all over it.

    • Doesn’t she write for the show as well? Why is that a bad sign?

      • UncleverHans

        Let’s just say that I don’t like Meghan McCarthy’s writing. She oversaw seasons 3 and 4, neither of which lived up to the legacy established by the previous seasons, and she also gave us the first Equestria Girls movie.

  • Roffles Lowell

    Is it that unusual for a non-Disney animated movie get withheld from critics? I mean unless it’s got some AAA tier hype behind it, I thought that projects like this usually get dumped straight to theaters.

  • Ethan Cox

    I don’t think it’s fair to say it will bomb just because of that. The trailers for it looked awesome.

  • Roffles Lowell

    So how was it?

    • UncleverHans

      I haven’t seen it for myself, but the general consensus among the people who saw the leak is that it was actually pretty good. People who can’t tolerate ponies gave it a C, and the rest outside of the fandom consistently gave it a B. The biggest complaints were that the plot was predictable and that the new characters needed more backstory, but personally, I don’t consider those to be flaws.