Featuring Rose Lavillant.

Today’s #WaifuWednesday goes out to Rose Lavillant from Miraculous Ladybug.

Rose is in the same class as the protagonists Marinette and Adrien. Blond, blue-eyed, and presumably French, she is known for her sweet temperament. Look at the picture at the top there: does she have a finger pressed against her own eyeball?

I can’t stop staring at the characters’ freaky eyes.

When her classmates were attempting to make a homemade horror movie, Rose was in charge of the catering. Even when a real monster showed up and started devouring them one by one, she was still making sure that everyone had enough to eat.

That’s her in the back with her spread of fruit and juice.

The villainess Timebreaker once used Rose’s kindheartedness against her: by feigning injury, Timebreaker tricked Rose into grabbing her hand, and Timebreaker subsequently killed her (she got better).

So she’s kind of dumb as well as sweet.
Timebreaker checks how much energy she got from freezing Rose in time. High school can be harsh.

Rose is best friends with the moody goth girl Juleka, a mostly silent girl who mopes in the back of the class.

I take it French schools don’t have dress codes.

Juleka, however, is cursed never to have her face appear in photographs, which is hilarious.

Like all characters in Miraculous, Rose wears the same clothes. Every. Damn. Day.

Like all characters in the show, Rose was destined to become a supervillainess sooner or later. She’s infatuated with a guy named Prince Ali from the Kingdom of Achu, because he runs children’s hospitals or something. Her frustrated attempt to send him a love letter through the stuck-up Chloé Bourgeois led to her being transformed into Princess Fragrance, whose magic perfume could turn people into her slaves.

Chloé prepares to tear up Rose’s letter.
Princess Fragrance prepares to hypnotize her first victim.

I think the green skin was a bad choice, but she’s apparently inspired by the Batman villainess Poison Ivy. She’s one of the more formidable evildoers in Miraculous, as she comes close to turning all the Parisians into her loyal sycophants.

In spite of running amok with her army of zombie slaves, she gets a happy ending and runs off with her prince.

Rose and Ali.

Because it’s a children’s show, it always has little moral messages to deliver. I think the moral of this particular episode is that, if you throw a tantrum, break several laws, and enslave several people, you get a boyfriend.

That’s a tip, kids. Write it down.