Featuring Sailor Jupiter!

Today’s Waifu Wednesday is dedicated to Makoto Kino, also known as Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter is best pony.

Naoko Takeuchi originally intended the character to be a sukeban (that is, a girl gangster), but later dropped that idea. Nonetheless, Makoto retains some sukeban-like characteristics, including an intimidating air and a longer skirt.

Allegedly, she’s enormous and intimidates people with her bulk, though she actually has the same Barbie doll build as every other girl in Sailor Moon and doesn’t appear to stand more than a couple of inches taller.

Makoto likes flowers, cooking, and boys. In the anime, she also studies Kung fu. The anime also turns her general boy-craziness into a running gag: most every male she meets reminds her of her senpai.

She has super strength, and she’s a pretty good fighter even when not transformed. As a sailor, she can fire bolts of lightning, and she can allegedly control weather, though she apparently sucks at it.

But that’s okay, because no matter what, she’s still best sailor scout.

  • Unclever_Hans

    Is this “Waifu Wednesday” thing your way of building a waifu harem?

    • And there’s an interesting question: if the waifu represents a man’s unattainable feminine ideal, is it possible to have more than one waifu?

      • Unclever_Hans

        It’s called polygamy, Deej, and unlike real wives, waifus can’t be jealous.

        • Tsk. In any harem comedy, monogamy is assumed. All the desperate, man-hungry ladies know only one of them can have Tenchi. They can’t share him.

          And as they say, the man who is lover of many women is lover of none. Anyone who can’t dedicate himself to one waifu is no true weeb.

          And if you think fictional girls can’t get jealous, you clearly don’t play the same dating sims I do … not that I play dating sims …

          • Unclever_Hans

            No true weeb, eh?

            Deej, half of my DNA is Filipino. Why in the world would I want to be obsessed with the culture of Japanese fatheads?

          • I dunno. Ask Rod Espinoza.

          • Unclever_Hans

            Truthfully, when I was younger, I did learn to draw from Katy Coope’s How to Draw Manga.

          • Well, there is certainly no moral obligation to be a weeb. But since “weeb” is defined as someone obsessed with Japanese culture, anyone who is not so obsessed is by definition not a weeb.

  • Roffles Lowell

    Ha, y’know I very nearly drew Sister Slicer to look like a palette-swapped Sailor Jupiter. It really didn’t seem appropriate with the rest of her getup. But it did make me chuckle at the time.

    Haw, haw.