• Unclever_Hans

    I’ve seen it written that progressives see history as a linear path towards “progress,” whereas, in actuality, history is a pendulum. You can only swing it so far before it swings back in the other direction.

  • Roffles Lowell

    Recent past being any indicator I doubt the film’s putative failure will get interpereted as a mandate to lay off the politics. No one in Hollywood seems willing to say that out loud, Brett Easton Ellis notwithstanding. I gather it’s a serious faux pas. They nearly strung up Chris Pratt for suggesting they cut the working class a break, after all. It’s crazy.

    Hopefully the readers of the tea leaves will determine that America is sick of “meh” and thus never, ever use it in a script for anything again.

  • JudgeDeadd

    Are there even any actual politics in the movie, though? Miller’s words read more as a sad, half-hearted attempt to jump onto the Ghostbusters bandwagon, with no relation to the movie’s actual content.