Magical Girl Day is August 5th, 2017

Magical Girl Day, formerly known as International Sailor Moon Day, is a convention coming up on August 5th at the Crowne Plaza Galleria in Houston, Texas.

Tickets are $18 if preordered and $20 at the door. Looks like the event focuses mostly on cosplaying and pop groups. Check out the website for information.

I believe this is the first one. We’ll see if they manage to make it an annual event. It appears to be modest in size and scope, but like all such things, will grow if successful.

  • Unclever_Hans

    You should totally go. You could cosplay as Duck!

    • I’ve never gotten into cosplaying. Not only is there the time and expense involved, but all the characters I most like are female, and I’m not interested in crossplaying.

      I don’t think you want to see me in a romantic tutu, man. I don’t think anybody wants that.

      • Roffles Lowell

        Speaking of costumes, any guidance on the Moon Princess’ costume besides long gown, naked arms, tiara made of stars?

        Specifically re: neckline. Strapless, or…..?
        I mean I can wing it, but I feel l like you probably have this planned out already

        • Strapless might be most suitable for the Moon Princess.

          Honestly, I had Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity dress in mind, because the Moon Princess was originally a Sailor Moon satire until I decided to go more serious with that part of the story arc. That’s also why her personal team is made up of sukeban, because sukeban-sploitation is one of Sailor Moon’s inspirations.

          I don’t recommend you copy Sailor Moon’s dress, though.

          Less important to me than the dress is her wand, which I haven’t described in detail yet because I’m saving that for later. It’s long enough to be a staff, and it doubles as the sheath for her sword, which she pulls out of its top. The sword should be a straight sword. The crosspiece and hilt should be fancy in some way, for which you’re free to use your imagination.