Been looking for art I can slap on the eyecatch of each chapter of the current, ongoing Rag & Muffin story, and I ran across some really cool pictures, but I’m not linking them because the website I found them on looks kinda sketchy and I’m pretty sure they’re not original anyway.

It’s amazing I haven’t killed my computer with a billion viruses, what with all these image files I download.

Anyway, in my hunt for vaguely R&M-like art, I found the above picture, which I quite like. Since I don’t know where it originally comes from, I dub it, “Lady Jeanne on patrol.” It actually would look about right for that, except for the snow.

  • Unclever_Hans

    If you’re looking for a good free antivirus program, then I recommend Bitdefender Free. It’ll protect you from viruses AND malware.

    • I might look at it. I’m pretty happy with my current antivirus. My comment was, of course, a joke, but I do download an awful lot of image files, mostly for this blog.