• Roffles Lowell

    Threat level competency rating?

    • Roffles! Good timing.

      (Fighting off a bird-eating crocodile? Threat Assessment Board rates Girly Blue as a 0.2. But I think she’s actually helping the crocodile, so maybe she’s gone rogue.)

      I think I’ve got an editor tentatively lined up, but I won’t name who it is just yet. Editing probably won’t happen until mid-June, so we’ve got time to get everything else squared away. Anyway, per our earlier conversation, what I’m thinking right now is six full-color, full-page illustrations plus one B&W design for chapter headings and one for section breaks.

      Chapter heading should be a design large enough to contain a two-digit number in its center. I was thinking a heart with a lightning bolt crossing behind it, with maybe Jake and Pretty Dynamo flanking it. Section break might be something like a horizontal lightning bolt with a heart in the middle.

      Chapters one to nineteen will provide illustration subject matter. I don’t know how much overhaul the editor will demand, but let’s assume the major events will remain intact and available for illustration.

      I’ll get back to you soon, no really, about formatting and size, and whether I need B&W versions of the color images.