Curse This Schedule

Tomorrow I may have time to write the post I’ve been meaning to get to, but in the last few remaining minutes of my evening today, I’m going to work on Jake and the Dynamo. I’m still sorting out my new schedule, so posting will be more spotty even than my usual for now.

The image above is a mascot character I rescued (?) from a site called Kimiko Anime, a review blog that was apparently quite active for a while, but is now presumably defunct as it has not been updated since 2010. Shame to let that magical girl mascot go to waste, though.

I take no responsibility for other people’s content, but be aware that Kimiko Anime, if you choose to visit, has a note up top that it may not be suitable for minors.

  • Unclever_Hans

    “Shame to let that magical girl mascot go to waste, though.”

    Donut steel! Use Rags or Pretty Dynamo for your mascot!

    • No, you misunderstand. I’m displaying their mascot, not swiping it.

    • And actually, while I’m on the subject, Miss Rags is supposed to be the official mascot of the site. I just haven’t got around to (or the money for) commissioning the art.