Art and Brief Update

Featured art: “Momo” by Coco-Sweet

I spent last weekend drafting fifty pages of Jake and the Dynamo, but, unfortunately, the pages I drafted are for the final chapter rather than for the next one.

I was having some trouble with the next chapter because I was trying to decide if it should be the one that advances the plot, or the beach episode. But I think I’ve figured it out now.

  • Roffles Lowell

    Beach episode, then cherry blossom festival episode, then hot springs?

    • At present, it’s the wrong season for viewing the cherry blossoms, and it honestly didn’t occur to me to think whether Urbanopolis has any hot springs.

      • Roffles Lowell

        Aw heck, dude. All that magma? You could finagle some hot springs! I have faith in you

        • But the lava was only in a video game.

          However, I’m sure I could find some hot springs if I want them. It is not inconceivable that Jake would take a trip with a group of magical girls up to a hot springs and then accidentally go into the women’s side of the bath, after which hilarity would ensue.

          Of course, that would also have to mean he knows all their alter egos by that point, since it’s established in-universe that magical girls in their magical forms can’t remove their clothing.

          • Roffles Lowell

            Hm. True.
            …. although one wonders, if the surface of the earth beyond Urbanopolis is as the video game depicted, WHO KNOWS what geological oddities lurk in the dead zone… perhaps setting tender stage for the ultimate hot springs scene no one wanted…. The Romantic Mointain Retreat of the Dark Kingdom???
            Sounds like a charming side story, sempai

          • You’ll be seeing more of Her Royal Darkness, but I can’t give details now.