Yesterday’s post featured art for which I could not find the source because it had already been traded around like a cheap whore.

But reader Tom Geraci, whose Google-fu surpasses mine, discovered that it was the product of one CKYM, an apparently Korean artist. CKYM has a cover image for his site so good, I stole it, too.

In other news, although I typically refrain from talking about personal matters with strangers on the internet, I have a job. It’s not quite the job I wanted, but it’s a real job that pays real money. I’ve also been accepted in the university program I’m entering for retraining. When I got out of college, I entered a field that was volatile, but where I could easily pick up a new job within two weeks whenever I lost one. But the last time I went job-hunting, it took me two years to find a position. Now the market’s even worse, and I’m not going to go through that again. So I’m changing careers.


I’d tell you who did the featured image, but I can’t find the original source. But I can tell you that it’s Sugar Sugar Rune fan art.

Sorry for the slow week here. Things are moving along on Jake and the Dynamo. I have a draft of chapter 22, but chapter 21 is still incomplete. Funny, huh?

Pretty soon, I’m going to rearrange the blog. The menu at the top is getting so long, so I’ll be creating a separate page for the Jake and the Dynamo table of contents.

I’ve got various non-blog things going on as well. I should have a new review up tomorrow after I get my act together.