NaNoWriMo Is This Month!

Featured image: “Magical Girl Tessa” by Primantis.

Just as a reminder, November is National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve ever wanted to write a whole novel in a single month, now is the time. There is an official website, linked above, where you can get pep talks, track your progress, and so forth.

I am reliably informed that if you hit writer’s block during a NaNoWriMo marathon, “just add ninjas” is a good way to get out of it. This is known as Chandler’s Law, formulated by pulp writer Raymond Chandler, who once said, When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand.”

This technique has worked for me in the past. Jake and the Dynamo is a story very amenable to Chandler’s Law: I am unashamed to admit that I “just added robot dinosaurs from space” because I didn’t know how else to save Jake’s bacon.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that, after the next two chapters are up, I believe Jake and the Dynamo will have hit the 100,000-word mark. Depending on who you ask, 40,000 is your basic novel length.

  • Unclever_Hans

    Yeah…there’s no way that I’m finishing my novel in a month. In fact, is that amateur fanfic of mine even a novel?

    • For purposes of NaNoWriMo, I believe a fanfic counts as long as it meets the required number of words and is written in its entirety in the month of November.

  • Roffles Lowell

    Do you approach Jake and the Dyanamo as a novel? I always saw it as more of a serial, or multivolume series

    • It would be a serial novel, I guess. I started it as a lark of sorts. It’s based on a dream I had, and as soon as I realized the bratty little girl from my dream was a magical girl and the high school boy she picked on was her sidekick, Pretty Dynamo popped into my head fully formed. I’ve let the muse take it from there, as she seems to know what she’s doing, whereas I don’t.

      I think of it as, “I’ve got material for three more chapters, but then what the heck am I gonna do?” Somehow, no matter how many chapters I write, there are always three more. The final chapter is partly written, but I don’t know how many other chapters will be in between.