Yesterday’s post featured art for which I could not find the source because it had already been traded around like a cheap whore.

But reader Tom Geraci, whose Google-fu surpasses mine, discovered that it was the product of one CKYM, an apparently Korean artist. CKYM has a cover image for his site so good, I stole it, too.

In other news, although I typically refrain from talking about personal matters with strangers on the internet, I have a job. It’s not quite the job I wanted, but it’s a real job that pays real money. I’ve also been accepted in the university program I’m entering for retraining. When I got out of college, I entered a field that was volatile, but where I could easily pick up a new job within two weeks whenever I lost one. But the last time I went job-hunting, it took me two years to find a position. Now the market’s even worse, and I’m not going to go through that again. So I’m changing careers.