Art, Now with More Utena

Source: Chiho Saito (I think).

I’m working on the second essay in my series on Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I hoped to have it finished today, but it’s time to discuss Herman Hesse’s Demian, one of the most important inspirations for the anime, and if there is one thing I simply cannot do at 9:30 at night, it’s summarize a navel-gazing literary novel.

If I try to write that summary now, it’s going to come out as, “There’s this whiny little bitch, and he’s really into Jung and Nietzsche.”

But anyway, have you some Utena art instead. I think this one is actually from Chiho Saito, the manga-ka of the official manga, which is paradoxically both inspired by and the inspiration of the anime, because the studio broke the space-time continuum in making this thing.

(I’m kidding, sort of. Saito was in on the planning of the anime, but released the manga before the anime appeared, so the creators of the anime had the chance to make use of her work. At least, that’s how I understand it. It’s confusing.)