The Rebel

I break the rules.

All right, chapter 18 of Jake and the Dynamo is drafted, but I’m not going to post until it’s been through my writer’s group.  Things have been hectic for me for the last month, so I’ve burned through my buffer and I want to get it back. Thus, the novel’s on hiatus.

My situation is calming down, at least in some ways, so I’ll be able to post more regularly.  We’re going to move more into reviews and articles for a while as I work on getting some more chapters put together on the novel.

  • Unclever_Hans

    How lucky you are to have a writers’ group. Luckier still, you made it eighteen chapters! I’ve burnt myself out through constant revisions to my first.

    • Sooner or later, you have to stop revising.

      • Unclever_Hans

        I know. :<