Art and Update

Featured image: title and artist unknown. Found on Rachel Renee’s wattpad account during an image search. This is probably what Sailor Moon would look like if Hollywood got hold of it. Not sure if want.

I haven’t been around enough because I’ve got a few different things on my plate, and any time I previously dedicated to writing and blogging I should probably spend job-hunting. Chapter 13 of Jake and the Dynamo should go up tomorrow at midnight as usual even if it kills me, but after that, there may be a hiatus, probably not longer than a couple of weeks (meaning one update will get missed).

My time online is also being consumed with bringing J&tD up-to-date on the other sites where it’s hosted. But once those are caught up with this blog, then they’ll update weekly as well, and will become less time-consuming. At present, they update daily.

I’ll try to avoid saying this very often, but don’t forget we have Patreon and Paypal accounts. Absolutely no pressure, as the content is free, but if you feel like living a tip, we’d be most grateful.