To increase exposure, I’m working on hosting Jake and the Dynamo in a few other places around the internet. You can see there’s now a Patreon button on your left, right above the Paypal button. The story will continue to be available for free, of course, but if you’d like to put a little change in my jar whenever a new chapter appears, it would be much appreciated and will help me to keep the content coming, and to improve it.

I’m also looking to host the story on Royal Road, which hosts web novels and is, quite reasonably, asking for a verification of my ownership. That’s part of the purpose of this post.

EDIT: As a reader points out, we could use some more J&tD-themed artwork. That’s where any donation money would go first, actually.

  • Unclever_Hans

    It looks like you need more art. Be maverick and draw it yourself!

    • If I draw it myself, it will look …

      … not good.

      Yes, I would like more art, but I’m likely to be unemployed in the near future, so I cancelled a commission I had begun to set up. I quite enjoy working with Starbat and would like to get more images from him in the future, but he likes to be paid for his work, and I can’t exactly blame him. I get more mileage out of his artwork than I pay him for.