Featured image: “Magical Girl Sam Winchester” by mythicbeast. Been a lot of these dudes intruding into magical girl territory lately. Sorry, but I’m not okay with this. Ain’t no plans with a man. This is the Eighties and I’m down the ladies.

Rough couple of weeks on my end. In any case, we should have more content soon, and the web novel will still update this weekend as usual.






Magical Girl Lady Paladin Andalusia stared up at the sky. When the stars began to sparkle, she turned to Jake with a wan smile and said, “Much as I would prefer company, I must send you to bed. This night, I stand the long watch alone.”

Jake nodded and rubbed his arms. The air was chilly. “I admit I’m not looking forward to the shelter you described, and I doubt I’ll sleep anyway—”

“It’s a favor to Pretty Dynamo. If I lost you, I’d be sure to hear about it.”

“She’s less attached to me than you think.” Continue reading “JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Chapter 14”

Jake and the Dynamo Tonight!

Featured image: “Alpha Ultimate Magical Girl” by Lun-art.

Haven’t been on much as I’ve been busy, but I have finished editing chapter 14 of Jake and the Dynamo, so the story will update tonight as usual.

I intend to spend the rest of the day drafting another chapter, but I have a review in the works that will go up tomorrow or in the near future if I have time. Of course, I also need to finish an essay for another venue, so I might need to do that instead.

The Magical Girl Wikia

There are a lot of blogs and websites dedicated to magical girls, naturally enough, but from what I’ve seen, most don’t stay active. A lot of them that I’ve stumbled upon look like legacies from Web 1.0, or haven’t updated for three or more years.

I did, however, recently come upon the magical girl wikia, which has possibly the most complete catalogue of the genre I’ve seen anywhere.

It has this partly because it’s decidedly generous in what it considers magical girl. Its timeline starts as early as the 1940s with titles like the film Down to Earth. I assume this is because they’re cataloguing the predecessors of Bewitched, which inspired the genre as we now know it.

It’s a good site. Go take a look.






Jake couldn’t remember the last time he was this tired. They’d been hiking for hours, and the sun was dipping toward the west. His stomach ached, and the inside of his mouth felt rough and gooey. He hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since breakfast. His calves and the arches of his feet burned. His left foot swelled up, and his shoe felt tight. He limped, and every step sent a shock of pain up his leg. No matter how long he smelled it, he couldn’t grow accustomed to the fetid stench of rotting zombie flesh, which clung to the blood and gore covering Pretty Dynamo, and to the severed hand grasping his leg. Every once in a while, he fell into a fit of retching. Continue reading “JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Chapter 13”

Art and Update

Featured image: title and artist unknown. Found on Rachel Renee’s wattpad account during an image search. This is probably what Sailor Moon would look like if Hollywood got hold of it. Not sure if want.

I haven’t been around enough because I’ve got a few different things on my plate, and any time I previously dedicated to writing and blogging I should probably spend job-hunting. Chapter 13 of Jake and the Dynamo should go up tomorrow at midnight as usual even if it kills me, but after that, there may be a hiatus, probably not longer than a couple of weeks (meaning one update will get missed).

My time online is also being consumed with bringing J&tD up-to-date on the other sites where it’s hosted. But once those are caught up with this blog, then they’ll update weekly as well, and will become less time-consuming. At present, they update daily.

I’ll try to avoid saying this very often, but don’t forget we have Patreon and Paypal accounts. Absolutely no pressure, as the content is free, but if you feel like living a tip, we’d be most grateful.

Magical Girl Dress-Up Games

Good grief, these things actually exist. What can’t you find on the internet?

While the rest of you are playing with your little Pokey Mans, or whatever they’re called, I’m over here designing magical girl outfits like a boss.  Yes, this is what I call a truly immersive video game experience.

Okay, not really, but at least these games aren’t encouraging me to trespass, walk into traffic, get mugged in back alleys, or give away all my Google account information.

So, in honor of dumb but addictive video games, I here present all the free online magical girl dress-up games that I was able to find just now. These games are pretty much like those old paper dolls your grandma used to play with, except now on the computer, and with magical girls. Such games prove, among other things, that I have no fashion sense. And also that I have too much time on my hands.

To test these games’ versatility, I decided my goal with each would be to get the character to look as much as possible like Pretty Dynamo. Let’s see how close I can get. Continue reading “Magical Girl Dress-Up Games”

History of Magical Girl Anime, Part 10

We continue with SourcererZZ’s nearly exhaustive history of magical girl anime. Unfortunately, copyright claims have once again made parts of this series unavailable in English. You’d think that a few clips used in a free online documentary would be considered fair use, but Victor Entertainment hates free advertisement, and thus has laid the smack down.

Here, SourcererZZ covers the years 2001 and 2002. I think I recognized a grand total of two titles in this one, so I got an education here.

I tried watching Magical Play once. It was so stupid, I gave up. I’ve probably killed enough brain cells with magical girl shows since then that I might give it another go. I don’t know a legal source for the other titles mentioned here, but they might exist.

By way of update, I’m presently out of work. That means I won’t be acquiring any new media in the near future, as I have to save my funds. But I have a backlog of things to discuss, and there’s always free stuff (I just have to watch it in low quality with ads).

I also need to spend time on some things more urgent than my hobbies, so there’s a possible brief hiatus on Jake and the Dynamo in the near future, as my buffer’s been shrinking dangerously. Chapter 13 will appear this weekend, and chapter 14 needs expanded and rewritten, but should appear the weekend after. Chapter 15 needs only slight alteration. Chapter 16 needs rewritten. Chapter 17 needs to be drafted. So I should have four weeks of material left if I get on the ball.