Your Coffee Is Murder

Friggin’ hilarious.

I’ll often go looking up something to fact-check what I’m writing and stumble across bizarre things like this.  This is a pastiche of scenes from coffee ads ca. 1950s-1960s.

Of course, the comments on YouTube are all about “sexism” or whatever, but my experience of ads from that era is that they were a lot harsher and more aggressive all-around than ads of today.  In the 1960s, advertisers were unafraid to tell you that your breath stinks, or that you’ll never get a date if you’re bald, or that you can’t make coffee worth a damn.

Whether the shift in the tone of advertising is due to refinement in advertisers’ technique, or due to people today being pussies who can’t handle criticism, I leave to the reader’s speculation.

  • Unclever_Hans

    They’re funny, but they’re also mean. I might write scenes like this into a story out of personal experience, but I would never center commercials around them.

    • Most advertisements imply that you suck if you don’t buy the product, but they have over the years learned to say it more subtly.

      First time I saw an ad that said it outright was in India, where I saw some ad for women’s facial moisturizer that had some woman turning old before her time (and DARK, because they’re big on light skin over there) because she didn’t use the right product. Then I saw some old ads from the 60s that were similar in tone; one in particular had a bunch of men unsuccessful in hitting on an airline stewardess because they used the wrong hair products. The bald guy was particularly funny; it said outright that his “dating days are over” or something to that effect.