A Brief Meditation on ‘Doom’

Well, yet another version of Doom is out, and everything I’ve heard about it is positive. The graphics are certainly impressive, but from what I’ve seen, I’m almost inclined to say too impressive. It reminds me of a claymation somehow.

Doom is one of those great titles that appear unpromising on the surface but have some je ne sai quoi that give them a compelling charm, so they simply won’t die. Like RoboCop. Or Sailor Moon. The game’s core concept is clever, and it is a concept to which, curiously, the video games have remained faithful whereas adaptations in other media have screwed with it and consistently ruined it. Continue reading “A Brief Meditation on ‘Doom’”

Updates and Stuff

Featured image: “Magical Girl Rainbow Dash” by My-Magic-Dream.

I’m an archaeologist by day and a magical girl geek by night; I’m behind on reviews, but it’s field season for me now, so I’m working long hours, and I want to spend the evening on chapter 15 of Jake and the Dynamo, as I want to keep the novel updating on a weekly basis for as long as I can.

So … no new material tonight.






As the sun turned red and slowly set over the bay, it softened the scene of death and destruction with rich hues of rose and violet. With knees trembling, and with dried tears still on his cheeks, Jake slumped under a canopy that the emergency aid workers had erected. A thick, sharp smell like lead solder hung on the air, but every once in a while he caught the smell of blood, which made his stomach lurch. A low chatter surrounded him, and people frequently brushed past. First-responders and paramedics treated those with minor injuries. Ambulances, one after another, carried away the seriously harmed. Out in the street, in neat rows, the less fortunate lay with sheets over their faces. Continue reading “JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Chapter 4”

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Chapter 4 Tonight at Midnight!

Fourteen-year-old Jake Blatowski finds trouble just by getting up in the morning.

He knows the true identity of Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo.

And he’s about to find out that Pretty Dynamo doesn’t like it.






His troubles are just beginning.

Catch up on the story here.

Meet Your Magical Girls! JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 7: Pretty Dynamo

CODENAME: Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo
ALTER EGO: Unknown
FAMILIAR: Tesla the lightning bug
MAGITECH: Electrical

“Electrifying the world with love and friendship—and making evildoers feel the wattage of justice!”

At present, there is no magical girl in Urbanopolis more effective against large kaiju than Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo. With a striking face and the powers of electricity at her command, she certainly lives up to her name. Dynamo received her magic when her familiar Tesla called on three gods of thunder … but the gods exacted a terrible price. Continue reading “Meet Your Magical Girls! JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 7: Pretty Dynamo”