I was going to spend the day on a new essay, but I want to finish the draft of chapter 16 of Jake and the Dynamo to keep my healthy ten-chapter buffer, and I need to finish editing and fact-checking an essay I’ll be submitting to another venue.

And I’ve come down with a flu or something.

Anyway, chapter 6 of Jake and the Dynamo will go up tonight as usual.


  • Unclever_Hans

    I was going to record the first chapter of Jake and the Dynamo today, but then, I decided to play Freespace instead.

    And if you truly are sick, then eat lots of fruits and baby greens that have vitamin C. I once had a flu that lead to epiglottitis, so you can never underestimate the flu.

    • I think it was a twenty-four hour bug or something, as I’m doing a lot better today, though still a bit weak and with a rough cough. I think someone I worked with on Friday gave it to me, as he was coughing up a storm and I was in a rig with him for a few hours. I took the day off to avoid passing it to my coworkers, but I think I’ll be well tomorrow.