Meet Your Magical Girls! JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 7: Pretty Dynamo

CODENAME: Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo
ALTER EGO: Unknown
FAMILIAR: Tesla the lightning bug
MAGITECH: Electrical

“Electrifying the world with love and friendship—and making evildoers feel the wattage of justice!”

At present, there is no magical girl in Urbanopolis more effective against large kaiju than Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo. With a striking face and the powers of electricity at her command, she certainly lives up to her name. Dynamo received her magic when her familiar Tesla called on three gods of thunder … but the gods exacted a terrible price.

Magical girl observers inform us that Pretty Dynamo presently has three known items: the first, and most famous, is her Circuit Board, a flying snowboard that enables her to zoom around the city at lightning speeds. Second is her wand, which transforms into two weapons, a crossbow called the Thunder Bolt, which fires supercharged bolts, and the Lightning Rod, an electrified spear which she can use in hand-to-hand combat or hurl like a javelin. Third is the Surge Protector, a collapsible shield hidden in her left vambrace.

But she is deadly even without her items, as she can electrify any part of her body and even concentrate her energy into her hands to produce her Ball Lightning, a superheated sphere of plasma.

Pretty Dynamo’s most famous move is an aerial assault, in which she flies high into the air, dives straight down, and throws the Lightning Rod. The Rod’s intense electrical charge produces a sheath of plasma that greatly increases its terminal velocity, raising its impact energy to 72 kJ. It is thanks to this maneuver that she has acquired an impressive competency rating of 9.0.

However, Pretty Dynamo is generally less effective against mid-sized or multiple enemies. Her Thunder Bolt is too specialized to be a general-purpose ranged weapon, and her Ball Lightning has limited power and a limited effective range of about thirty yards. Nonetheless, she is an excellent melee fighter against small monsters, even very quick ones.

Pretty Dynamo is known not only for her combat skills and aerial stunts, but also for her sharp tongue and brassy attitude. This has gained her many admirers among the civilians, but has not made her popular among the magical girls. Grease Pencil Marionette has many times remarked on Pretty Dynamo’s insubordination and “attitude problem.”

Although almost all magical girls maintain secret identities, Pretty Dynamo is more reticent about personal details than most. When a monster attacks, she usually appears, slays, and immediately leaves, letting others deal with the aftermath. She has given occasional interviews, made personal appearances, and posed for photographs, but refuses to speak about herself.

Those who have met her usually remark that she, and I quote, “looks really small in person.” This has led to much speculation about her age, but because of her impressive skill, most assume that she is at least in her mid-teens.

In recent days, Pretty Dynamo has been spotted in the company of a young man, probably also in his mid-teens. Currently, his identity and relationship to Dynamo are unknown. This, of course, has led to further wild speculation.

Dynamo does not appear to have any friends, but is it possible that she has found herself … a sidekick?