JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Bio 6: Jake Blatowski

NAME: Jake Blatowski

“I can’t stand magical girls.”

Living in the relatively peaceful Juban District on the edge of Urbanopolis, Jake Blatowski has spent his life at a distance from the city’s perpetual monster attacks. Having never needed magical girls to defend him, he is annoyed by others’ obsession with them.

Convinced of his own maturity, Jake is eager to try out for the basketball team when he enters his first year of high school, but after a computer glitch erases part of his transcript, the school system in its wisdom sends him back—to fifth grade!

Soon after, he has a run-in with Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo, the city’s top defender, and quickly finds himself defying death in her company. Although he’d previously only seen monsters from a distance, he soon learns that he has an uncanny knack for escaping their attacks by the skin of his teeth. He’ll need it: soon after he makes Dynamo’s acquaintance, the enemies who formerly struck the city at random begin to focus on him.

What at first appears to be inexplicably bad luck will lead this ordinary teenager to unravel the mystery of the implacable foes bent on humanity’s destruction; he may even discover that he’s the key to bringing down an intergalactic coalition of evil. And much as he’d love to escape the by-turns brooding and boisterous Pretty Dynamo, he might find that he’s stuck with her—especially after she moves into his house!