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Featured image: “MMD TDA:Magical Girls” by AmaneHatsura

Hello.  I’m D. G. D. Davidson, archaeologist, science fiction fan, blogger, aspiring writer, and anime/manga enthusiast.

I might not qualify as an otaku, but I am a guy who found out he enjoys magical girl anime.  I do not claim my knowledge of this peculiar genre is comprehensive, but I’m absorbing more and more all the time, so let us call it “modestly wide-ranging.”

The site, as you can see, is under construction.  It will feature news, reviews, and essays.  It also exists to promote my own work:  I am finalizing a novel under the working title Rag & Muffin, and I will also be using this blog to serialize another novel entitled Jake and the Dynamo, which may appear as early as next week.

Tomorrow, I will post a free short story.

I will also showcase art, which I display under fair use with attributions, as in the eyecatch of this post.  I will accept suggestions or submissions (nothing NSFW), or remove art if asked by the creator.

Reviews are on a “what I’m watching or reading” basis, so not all will be of recent works.  However, the reboot of The Powerpuff Girls and the third season of Sailor Moon: Crystal, both of which have just broadcast their first episodes, are definitely on the radar.

Header of "Evolution of the Magical Girl Anime"I recommend this article, “Evolution of the Magical Girl Anime” by Michellejb, over at The Hyped Geek.  There are a number of similar articles floating around the web, but this one is particularly accessible, as well as brief, keeping the discussion to the major highlights.